“Once together” Bao Anh: Empathy for those who are looking for a lover to go to the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Recently, Bao Anh has released his new song called "Used to be each other's". As always, this girl, who is known as the Queen of Ballad, makes the audience stand still with a very catchy melody and a well-invested MV. 

A special thing, "Once belonged to each other" was released by Bao Anh on the occasion of the approaching mid-autumn festival, when the theme Looking for a lover to go to the Mid-Autumn Festival are hotter than ever. However, with the melody and lyrics touching the heart, perhaps a lot of the audience after listening to the song will sympathize and remember their old loves.


As the owner of many hits such as "My heart never knows" or "Living away from you is not easy", so performing a sad song like "We used to be together" certainly does not exceed Bao Anh's ability. 

Launched at a time when social media is flooded with topics related to the Mid-Autumn Festival, this can make those who have just experienced a love affair become more emotional. However, this can also be the catalyst that makes lonely boys or girls want to come to Love Contract to have someone to go out on this Mid-Autumn Festival. 

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