Is it really difficult to find a lover to go to mid-autumn festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, surely everyone has heard their friends or read somewhere on social networks about topics like Find love go to mid-autumn festival, hire someone to go to mid-autumn festival or how to get a lover to go to mid-autumn festival, etc. 

For some people, finding a lover to go out with is probably not too difficult. Even "without doing anything", love will come to them on its own, however, will their love be sustainable? It is often said that what comes quickly will also go quickly. There are people who take a long process of getting to know each other before they can love each other or even couples that take 5 years, 10 years or more to get married.


In fact, not everyone is confident enough about their appearance, circumstances or ability to flirt. Whenever standing in front of someone they care about, they always feel scared, timid or even speechless. These things make them lose confidence and become more shy. But they have forgotten that there are still many like them out there, and what they should do now is to look at their positive points and actively find themselves a suitable person.

In this day and age, finding yourself a life partner has probably also become easier. Some people have turned to matchmaking services like Love Contract to find themselves the right people. And they were fortunate to find the missing piece of their life, able to hang out, share and confide everything together.

And that is the answer to the question of how to find a lover to go to mid-autumn festival. There will not be any fixed answer, whether to have a lover or not will depend on you and each person will have different answers. 

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