Find a husband like Jack, find a wife like Rose: The journey to find each other on the ill-fated Titanic

The movie "Titanic" is so familiar to each of our generations. Surely everyone has been waiting to see this movie once. And I also know that there are many people who love this movie so much that they watch it over and over again, the screen is a picture of Jack and Rose, the phone music is "My heart will go on". So what makes the movie so compelling?

Nụ hôn trong “Titanic” vẫn là nụ hôn bất diệt của màn bạc


Throughout the journey of the ship before sinking and also the journey of two people from two different classes to find each other, Titanic always gives people a stream of hope, smiles, even though the audience knows the tragic ending of that ship.

That's the hope when a poor painter who should have been more desperate with life than a rich rich girl saves her from death, bringing new feelings of love for the first time in her life. young girls feel.

Jack's existence is like a ship, short but glorious, buried deep without anyone knowing, but the essence lives on in the mind of a person who has been saved and loved by him.

Then that existence was multiplied when the people of the next generation listened with wide eyes and flat eyes listening to Mrs. Rose tell without missing any details, existing in the intact black lead painting after so many years under the sea.

The first half of the film brings an atmosphere of joy and warmth that people like Mrs. Ruth, like Cal, may never feel, even though they have experienced the biggest disaster of their lives. It was the warmth when Mrs. Brown lent Jack her suit jacket to the party, the warmth when he and Rose ran out of the car onto the deck, gasping and laughing.

 But after their kiss, disaster struck, and the biggest, most painful disaster, perhaps, is still human nature.

How many people died on the Titanic just because it was locked underneath the third-class cabin? How many people died fighting over life jackets and seats on lifeboats? And how many people died from the cold of the sea, of the hearts of people when the lifeboats did not return?

Nearly 1500 people. Perhaps, the success of the movie Titanic also lies in the fact that it most realistically describes the horrifying disaster and at the same time condemns those who only hold on to their lives, mourning for those who froze to death, drowned, but most of the time. were the poor, women, children, people who had no place in society at that time

Jack left so that his Rose will forever be a beautiful, haughty girl when he first met, so that his girl always holds in her heart the memory of a deep and sweet love until she closes her eyes.

Rather, Rose accepted to let go of his hand, let go of her hand on the night of the ball, let go of the hand that was on her body and the hot breath in the car, to fulfill her promise to him. , the promise to live on and live well.

What the film brings to the viewer is still the echo that resonates like the persistent secret love in the film of an unknown guy who saved the "heart of the ocean" and also stayed in the ocean. For a woman's heart is the secrets of the deep ocean.

I still remember Rose saying something like this: "I don't even have a picture of him, he just lives in my memory".

We admire the feelings of Jack and Rose: Rose's loyalty to Jack and Jack's sacrifice for Rose.

Yes, it is the most precious love in this world. If the tragedy of the Titanic hadn't happened, Jack would probably have find a wife and live happily ever after. However, that is only if, and I am sure that the ending of the movie also plays a big part in the success of the film.










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