Left hand pointing to the moon

Left hand only moon– Ending song of the movie Huong Honey Like the Smoke

Tay Trái Chỉ Trăng | 左手指月 | - [Vietnamese Cover] - Reii - YouTube


Surely many readers here are not too familiar with the song that has been storming for a while in the Chinese music market as well as many Asian countries, including Vietnam. Many singers, even Vietnamese singers, have challenged to cover this song, but perhaps the one that impressed me the most was the cover of Tat Dinh Dinh with his gentle voice, high and clear voice.

Perhaps because it was written specifically for the film, through each song, we can imagine a love story full of contradictions between 3 characters: Cam Mi, Huc Phuong and Nhuan Ngoc. Each word is a pain, a tragedy is reproduced. It's the broken brotherhood, the love that can't be together, the ones that eventually turn into endless calculations, the choice between the heart and the mind, etc.

Left hand only moon : Because of not understanding Huc Phuong's love, it leads to suffering

Right hand holding a red thread: because of the engagement with Nhuan Ngoc right in front of her eyes, she was accidentally manipulated

Regardless of the choice, in the end, no one is happy, which leads to injury for the characters themselves.

Even though she is innocent and pure like Cam Mi, she still falls in love with a painful love

Even though she understands and understands as well as Nhuan Ngoc, she still can't stop trying to calculate

Even with all her heart like Huc Phuong, she cannot avoid hatred and sadness

The left hand holds the ground

Right hand pointing to the sky

Fingerprints cracked, thousands of lightning bolts poured out in all directions

Hastily swept away time in May

In a short time, three thousand autumns have not been seen.

Left hand picking flowers

Right hand sword dance

Between the eyebrows is a thousand years of snow

A teardrop…

That's me..

Left hand makes a beat

Right hand plays the lute

Boats bring people back and forth in Vong Xuyen

While afflictions bloom, a red lotus blooms

Constantly disturbing my mind

Left hand only moon

Right hand holding pink silk

I just hope that you and I have a love like that

Under the moonlight.. Me and you..

Left hand turns feather

Right hand turns into fins

Some life in the cloud

Some life in the deep forest

I vow to be a tiny speck of dust

To follow him and cover the whole world

Left hand holding him

Right hand let go of him

Clasped hands, all about you, taken to heart

An incense stick..

He is me, only one, not two, indivisible.


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