Things to avoid when looking for a lover on October 20

October 20 is the right time for guys to be able to Find love. However, not everyone has enough experience in love to impress the other person. 

Sometimes it's just a few small actions that make her notice and make you lose points. On the contrary, if you are really delicate and skillful in your behavior, you will make a huge impression right from the first meeting.


Here are a few tips to avoid that will help you score points when looking for a lover:

Come late every time we meet

Certainly no girl wants to wait on a date. This really makes the other person feel extremely uncomfortable and have a bad impression.

If there's an emergency, please notify her immediately so that you don't have to wait and can reschedule.

For example, when attending a Love Contract appointment, arrive a little earlier than expected. This will make the other person feel that you are an extremely proactive and serious person in your date.


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Always use your phone

Currently, this habit probably appears quite a lot in men. This may stem from the fact that they don't know what to say or are too busy with their own affairs.

However, this action inadvertently made the woman feel lost and gradually made the appointment meaningless. 

Instead, if you're already on a date, set aside work and spend 100% time with the other person. Also, don't let your conversation have too much silence. 

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Let women take the initiative

Letting the woman take the initiative will leave a very bad impression in the eyes of the girls. 

Instead, actions such as actively paying, carrying items, .. will show you are an extremely gallant and sophisticated person. 

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