Meaningful 10/20 wishes for those who are looking for a wife, long distance love

Long distance love seems to be a concern for many people, especially young people today. For them, long distance love is a very difficult thing. However, for me, long distance love is a challenge for my love. Must really understand, sympathize and only true love can overcome. Long distance love is also a time to help ourselves improve to become better in the eyes of that person. We will learn to cherish and cherish every moment we meet after many days apart. This October 20, Loving couples who are in long-distance love, especially boys who are not with their lovers, must also be rushing to prepare gifts and wishes for the other half, right? To warm up the feelings of these long-distance couples, let's try to refer to some suggestions for wishes included in this part 2.

Lời chúc 20/10 bằng tiếng Trung hay và ý nghĩa nhất -

  1. Happy 10/20, wish you a lot of joy and happiness. I'm sorry I can't be with you on this special day but I will always miss you. Please wait for me. I will come back soon and be with you forever. Love you much.
  2. Sending you the best wishes on the occasion of October 20, Vietnamese Women's Day. Even though we are thousands of kilometers apart, I always miss you and believe that our love is never far away.
  3. 20/10 have a good laugh. Although I can't be with you right now, I always hope that my love will always have a bright smile on my face. He will be back near you soon.
  4. On October 20, even if you are far away, don't be sad but smile brightly, be as bright as sunflowers and think about my love for you. Love you much.
  5. Please send the best 10/20 wishes to the girl he loves. Thank you baby for being with me, accepting the distance to sympathize and love me. Wait for him to come back. Love you
  6. This October 20, even though I'm not with you, my heart is always with you and my mind is always filled with your image. Wishing you, the one I love the most, a very happy and warm holiday.
  7. On October 20, even though I'm far away, I still want to hug you for a long time. Don't be sad when I'm not around today, always smile and remember me. I hope you will be near me soon one day.
  8. On October 20, no matter where I am, I still want to hold you for a long time. That's what I wish and hope for every day. Long distance love makes me miss and trust you more. Don't be sad when I'm not around today, be as bright as the flowers that are welcoming the sun, expose yourself to enjoy your love.
  9. I wish I could be next to you right now, to hold you in my arms and hold your hand while walking down the street. I can't be with you now but I know we were never apart. Sending you thousands of best wishes, wish you - the angel in my heart 20/10 happy and happy.
  10.  This October 20 is not with you, but always remember that my love for you is getting deeper and deeper. Wishing you the one I love the most a happy and warm day.
  11. Please ask the wind to send love to the person I love - Please ask the god of joy to bring laughter every day to the person I love - Please ask the clouds to cover the sad moments when you are far away - Please keep my heart so that I can find a place about happiness. Send me the best, most meaningful 10/20 words on earth! Love you much!
  12. Honey! I once told you, you are the one who brings me joy in life but also brings me a lot of sadness. If I had one wish, I would wish that every day that passes is a beautiful October 20th for you!
  13.  Give you a little gift called good morning, wrapped with sincerity, tied with care and glued with my prayers, so that you can have peace and happiness all day. Love you much. Happy October 20!
  14.  For all the times you brought a smile and brightened my life. Because all your sharing of joys and sorrows makes the burden on my shoulders seem lighter. I hope these wonderful things never end. Congratulations on your special day.

Men who are in love from afar, please quickly note down the wishes that you are most interested in to send to your girlfriend far away. I believe that even if we are not together on this October 20th, when receiving your sweet wishes, the girls will also be very happy and happy. Long distance love is never a problem when both hearts have never been apart. and men who are looking for love, find a wife If you have a long-distance relationship, don't worry because Hopdongtinhyeu has connected and charmed many couples who were previously afraid of long-distance love. 


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