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Please note:  This is a marriage matchmaking service "direct" unrelated to online:

1. Profiles of members and customers are completely confidential and not posted on website (HDTY).


2. You do not need to register for an online account, or send or receive letters to get acquainted with other people.

All face-to-face matchmaking, appointment arrangement, verification will be done by HDTY consultants “real live support” for customers.


I. Service Description


You have reached the age of marriage and you are looking to start a family but you have not found the right person, the relationships around you such as relatives, colleagues do not help you with this. Please use HDTY's "Face Viewing Service".


With this service, you will be arranged by HDTY for meetings with people of the opposite sex who are also in need of marriage like you, so that the two parties can learn and thereby get married.


With more than 3,000,000 single members who are in need of getting married every day of HDTY, we will make it easy for you to find the person you feel suitable for.


II. Benefits of joining the service


Find the right object, HDTY searches for you the right object that meets your requirements (Age, Height, Education, ...) and at the same time ensures that those objects want to get married and are interested in you (Like the two of you. gave each other the "green light" before meeting)

+ Maximum cost savings, buy 60 years of happiness for a very small cost

+ Save time To find the right person, in the past, you were the only one to search among the sea of people, with HDTY there will be thousands of collaborators searching for you.

+ Active search, not only matches you with existing members from a base of 200,000 single members, and waits when there is no suitable person. actively searches for the right person for you through all of HDTY's relationship channels.

+ Help you overcome the most difficult step: make an appointment to meet. Instead of having to arrange a date yourself with someone you care about, HDTY will arrange for you to go on a great date.

+ Helps you not to be tired and stressed when verifying information. Finding out and verifying information when meeting new people is always stressful, but now you can know that information before meeting.

+ Support you in the process conquer the person you feel is a good fit

+ Guaranteed to get married successfully you will be supported by HDTY until you get married successfully


II. Service Deployment:


+ Step 1: You immediately contact the hotline: 0942174666 to register to use the service.


+ Step 2: You provide HDTY with basic requirements about the person you want to marry in the future, click here for details:


+ Step 3: Based on the life partner information slip, HDTY will send you a service contract (Including fees, incentives, payment methods, etc.)


+ Step 4: In case there is no problem to adjust, HDTY will print, sign and scan and send you a scanned copy of the signed contract. In case you need a hard copy contract, HDTY will deliver it to you.


+ Step 5: You transfer to HDTY service fee (60% right after signing, 40% after joining the 1st appointment or receiving all 3 suitable documents)


+ Step 6: HDTY will send you a scanned copy of the receipt confirming your payment


+ Step 7: Customer care department will contact you to: Build your personality including Appearance, Family situation, Personal condition, Personality (Lifestyle, life perspective, perspective, etc.) sentiment sharing point, physiological relationship perspective) and start working on finding the right match and verifying your profile. You can read (*4) below to better understand this point


+ Step 8: HDTY will send you the first suitable partner, if you agree, HDTY will arrange a face-to-face appointment for the two of you in your free time.


II. Benefits and fees:



  • The "V" sign indicates the benefits you will enjoy when using each different service package.


  • (*1) On-demand search: Includes four elements:

+ Appearance: Height, body shape, …

+ Family background: About parents, siblings, family background, etc.

+ Personal conditions: Age, education, occupation, ...

+ Personality: Lifestyle, outlook on life, views on sharing feelings, views on physiological relationships between husband and wife


  • (*2) Suitable object: A suitable object is an object that meets 03 criteria:

+ Match the conditions you want (Age, Education, ...)

+ Care about you (So both sides have agreed on the basic conditions of Appearance, Family background, Parts of each other's personality before meeting. than)

+ Surely there is a desire, preparation, determination to get married. Want to meet you to learn and move towards building a family


  • (*3) All expenses in the face-to-face appointment (coffee,…) will be borne by the service user


  • (4*) Xmember profile: The process of confirming information about the suitable mate is done five times:

1. 1st Authentication – Authentication of identity documents: HDTY will ask the appropriate person to verify by notarizing or scanning two of the following documents: identity card, diploma, household registration book, contract work, driver's license. Then send the appropriate audience profile to you. If you agree, HDTY will arrange a face-to-face appointment for you.

2. 2nd Authentication – Workplace Authentication: Before the appointment takes place, HDTY will send staff to come directly or call to verify the suitable subject's workplace. HDTY commits that the verification process does not affect the lives and work of customers and subjects

For example, HDTY will ask employees of NDA Group's Fitness department - a project under HDTY management company - to contact the front desk where you are working with the following content: "You have registered for a training schedule. Fitness training with NDA Group's coach, but because the coach has his own business and needs to change the training schedule, the Fitness customer care staff of NDA Group can't contact you. That's why I called the front desk where you work to ask the receptionist to transfer the phone to meet you, in this position, this department is like the information you wrote on the information sheet. If the receptionist switches the phone for the Fitness staff to meet you, then the authentication is complete.” Note: this NDA Group's Fitness customer service staff does not know that they are authenticating your workplace, but thinks that you are a real Fitness customer of NDA Group. This is just an example, when authenticating HDTY will use many indirect or direct methods to authenticate, not only this way, but all ensure not to affect your life and work.

3. 3rd Authentication – Verify marriage status certificate: After you meet face-to-face with the suitable partner matched by HDTY. You and the right partner come to a decision that will learn to build a long-term romantic relationship with each other. Within 15 days of you responding to that decision to HDTY:

– HDTY will ask the suitable person to apply for a certificate of their marital status issued by the commune/ward People's Committee to the suitable person.

– HDTY will ask the appropriate person to verify by notarization or scan the remaining documents.

4. Verification 4 – Verifying factual information: Within 30 days after the suitable person sends the certificate of marital status to HDTY, HDTY will send a staff to confirm directly with the right person. where the subject lives. Verification will be recorded with audio recordings, or photos, or videos to give feedback to customers. HDTY commits that the verification process does not affect the lives and work of customers and subjects

For example, HDTY will ask the staff of the Charity department of the charity project of NDA Group - a project under the company managing HDTY - to send staff to your place with the desire to write a thank you note. about your donation of some old items to the NDA Group. This employee will talk to the head of the neighborhood, the head of the village, your neighbors and relatives to understand the person you are in the place you live and respond to that information about the company. Thus, the actual information verification has been completed. Note: this NDA Group's charity worker himself does not know that he is verifying your place of residence, but thinks that you are the real philanthropist of the NDA Group. This is just an example, when authenticating HDTY will use many indirect or direct methods to authenticate, not only this way, but all ensure not to affect your life and work.

5. 5th Authentication – Pre-marital health verification: HDTY requires both parties to have a pre-marital health check and send the results of the re-examination to HDTY


  • (*5) HDTY appoints staff Go to the place where the right person lives to verify: Verification will be recorded by audio recordings, or photos, or videos to give feedback to customers. HDTY commits that the verification process does not affect the lives and work of customers and subjects


  • (*6) Guaranteed successful marriage: In case the contract implementation time expires but HDTY has not found 09 suitable candidate profiles or arranges all 03 face-to-face appointments for you, or you cannot find a suitable person to get married, HDTY will support for you to use the warranty service package until you get married


  • (*7) Your personal condition: For example: A girlfriend wants her husband to have a minimum salary of 10 million and a girlfriend wants her husband to have a minimum salary of 20 million, the implementation will be completely different. Or at the same age of 35, a single brother and a divorced brother when deployed will be different.


  • (*8) Expectations about future life partner: For example: The same 2 girlfriends with parents' house in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, 1 friend wants to find a husband in Hoan Kiem district and 1 person wants to find a husband in 9 inner city districts when deployed, it will be completely different. . Or a boyfriend wants his wife to have good looks and a boyfriend wants find a wife having a beautiful appearance, when deployed, it will also be different.


  • (*9) Density of subjects who are looking for a mate at this time: That is, when more people are interested in finding a life partner, the fee will be lower and vice versa. VD:

+ In the month of major holidays such as April 30, May 1, Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year, the number of subjects looking for a partner will be 3-4 times more than usual time, so on these occasions the fee will be lower as HDTY employs less staff and collaborators when looking for a mate for a client

+ However, this is only relative, because in some years, there are more people looking for a partner at Christmas than during the Lunar New Year, so the Christmas fee will be lower than during the Lunar New Year. Therefore, for the most accurate fee, HDTY's consultant will reply to you.


  • The above service fee does not include VAT


  • At HDTY, we do not store information and statistics on the number of customersThe existential value of HDTY is to bring customers a successful and happy marriage! Therefore, HDTY does not take photos of customers' weddings for communication and destroys all customer information when customers get married. At the same time, HDTY does not make detailed statistics on the number of single customers to publish, all this information is confidential. 
  • Direct marriage matchmaking service "Marriage face-to-face" is only for business owners, office workers and respective professions such as doctors, teachers, etc.



  • “VIP Member” is not a “Customer using facial services”:  VIP membership is a service that has been discontinued since 2013, so claiming to have exchanged with HDTY VIP members is not true.


Please note: All members and visitors cannot contact or communicate directly with customers using face viewing service. Any information claiming to have contacted a VIP member who is a customer is incorrect, members and customers should respond to HDTY when receiving this information for HDTY to handle.


For more details please contact: Phone:  0942174666 | Email:

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