"Haven't forgotten my ex-lover" Ha Nhi: If I haven't forgotten my ex, should I find a new lover?

Recently, Ha Nhi's live version of "Haven't forgotten my ex-lover" appeared quite a lot on social networking platforms. About a month ago, this singer released the MV and received a lot of compliments from the audience.

"The live version is very emotional, this version is gentle but no less painful", "Ha Nhi should release a MV with actors, make sure to get to the top right away. This song, every person who breaks up and is lonely, pulls it out and listens to it. It permeates”, … This is just one of the many compliments that the audience has given Ha Nhi. Many people after listening to "Haven't forgotten their ex" like seeing their own image in the song. They may have just broken up or even broken up for a long time, but the common point is that they still have not been able to forget their old love.


Besides, the song has also received a lot of debates such as why should you be sad about your ex or not forgetting your ex? Find love new or not? 

This probably depends on each person's thoughts and stories. There are people who take many years to be able to ease their sadness, there are people who, after breaking up, look to the Love Contract to find new joy, to forget the sadness of the past. 

Maybe some people went through unhappy stories in their love story, some people spent a long time together but in the end couldn't be together. 

Although we know that not everyone can easily overcome emotional pain and even lose themselves, however, the past cannot be changed and we must continue to live for the present and direction. About future. And in the end, time will be the answer to everything.

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