Don't know where to go on October 20, please refer to the places below

Vietnamese Women's Day - October 20 is slowly coming. This is a day for women to be honored for their contributions. Although October 20 is a very meaningful day, this holiday has not been counted as a day off in our country, so the time for this day is relatively short, usually only encapsulated in one day. Objects in such a short period of time, what is a reasonable place to have fun?

An ideal place for this holiday does not need to be sophisticated, luxurious or noisy places, but most importantly, to give the other half of the world hours of rest, relaxation, and time for family. themselves. Here, Love Contract will share with you a few ideal locations if you are still wondering about the date 10/20 where to go out Please!


three island

Tam Dao town is a famous entertainment place in Vinh Phuc province, about 80km from Hanoi, very suitable for a short trip about 1-2 days. Not only suitable for young couples, but even couples can come here to enjoy the cool and fresh atmosphere in Tam Dao, and together have beautiful commemorative photos.

Coming to Tam Dao, you can choose to come to Wind Coffee, which attracts a lot of tourists by the majestic and poetic scenery, while sipping a cup of coffee, while enjoying the natural scenery with a beautiful view. If not, what could be better? It will be even more special if you can enjoy these things with the person you love, but if no one has come to Tam Dao vi vu yet, you can refer to pairing services such as Love Contract to find out more. give you your other half.

Dai Lai

If you want to find a quiet, peaceful place where you can relax and rest after stressful working days, Dai Lai eco-tourism area will be a suitable choice. This is a place with a harmonious combination of nature and scenery, with relatively pleasant weather, a poetic setting suitable for picnics and camping activities. 

Young people coming here can organize their own camping, BBQ party. In addition, you can enjoy resort services at high-class resorts and homestays and participate in sports activities, especially golf at Flamingo Dai Lai.

Bao Son Paradise

These places are relatively far from Hanoi and will usually be suitable for 2 days 1 night trips. If you just want to go during the day, an amusement park like Bao Son Paradise will be the ideal choice.

Bao Son Paradise is an extremely diverse entertainment complex. When you come here with your lover, you can watch art shows together such as circus, water puppetry, music, or join in exciting games, adventure or more gentle activities such as participating Join the water park game, visit the aquarium to have more interesting memories with your partner. 

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