What type of person are you?

Which type of person is right for me?

To be able to know which type of person is right for you, you need to understand what type of person you are in order to determine the corresponding type of person.



Hopdongtinhyeu.ndag.net applies the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality classifier, the most recognized and popular classifier today created since the 1990s and has been introduced by 30 things to date. worldwide, with 2.5 million people taking the MBTI test each year. This is a tool to identify personal preferences, psychological reactions to situations as well as the perception and communication of each person's surrounding situations.


Starting from Carl Gustav Jung's 1900s perspective on personality research, Swiss psychologist and writer Katherine Cook Briggs and daughter Isabel Briggs Myers have supplemented, examined, and continued over the years. Continuously perfecting, building into a method of personality classification. Up to now, MBTI has been introduced in 30 languages around the world.


MBTI is determined based on 4 main criteria: Extraversion – Introversion, Sense – Intuition, Objectivity (Reason) – Humanity (Emotion), Principle – Flexibility. Thereby forming 16 main types of human personality including:


+       Caretaker

+       People who are dedicated to work

+       Protector

+       Scientist

+       Mechanic

+       Artist

+       Idealist

+       Thinker

+       Active people

+       Performer

+       Inspiring person

+       The visionary

+       Guardians

+       Caretaker

+       The giver

+       Operator


These 16 personality types are divided into 4 main types of people including:



+ Expression: ENFJ, ENFP, ENTJ, ENTP

+ Analysis: ESTJ, ESFJ, ESTP, ESFP

+ Easy to get along with: ISTJ, ISFJ, ISTP, ISFP


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